Our Team

Portrait of managing director Dr. Brenda smiling
Dr Brenda Murrison
CEO & Managing Director Brenda’s mantra is that “Prevention is better than cure”. Brenda has worked as a GP in ... Read More
Portrait photo of Damian business Damian smiling
Damian Green
Business Manager Damian joined Brecken in 2016 and has a diverse skill set in all things medical. Prior to Brecken ... Read More
Portrait photo of Taryn the operations manager smiling
Taryn McClements
Operations Manager Taryn has worked with Brenda and Brecken for over 13 years, and some would say has a degree ... Read More
Portrait photo Amy the of Finance Manager smiling
Amy Cocodis
Finance Manager Amy joined the Brecken team in 2020 to head up the finance and bookkeeper team. Amy completed her ... Read More
Portrait of Tahnee the nurse manager smiling
Tahnee Pearson
Nurse Manager Tahnee started working at our Mt Hawthorn clinic as an Occupational Health Nurse in 2018, and shortly after ... Read More
Charlotte Middleton
Charlotte Middleton
HR Officer Charlotte joined the Brecken team in 2021 In a new role within Brecken management team. Charlotte completed a ... Read More
Portrait of Michael the IT manager smiling
Michael Hitchins
IT Manager Michael joined Brecken Health in 2019 to bring IT services in house for the group. Michaels worked in ... Read More