Hello and welcome to Doctor Owned and Operated.

We are proud to have been in the industry for a little over a decade and have spent this time finessing processes and administration to a point that will allow us to easily expand.
Doctor owned and operated covers many brands Brecken Health Care, Building Blocks Medical, Scarborough Beach Medical Centre and Canning Medical Centre just to name a few.

Why us?

Owned by a GP our group always puts patient care before any profit

Australians are looking for their “health care home” so we do everything that we could possibly do to ensure our patients can find us, access us when they need to and most importantly trust us.

Our commitment to the community

Our commitment is not only to our patients but to the communities in which our medical centres reside. We give back to the communities in which we are in. Providing sponsorships to local sporting clubs to help aid a healthy lifestyle, collections for the homeless, supporting our local schools and participating in community events by offering free health checkups.

We do things properly

From our IT infrastructure to our staff, from our treatment room supplies to your recipient created tax invoice. We are in the health industry after all and shortcuts contain risk.

You’ll enjoy access to our professional IT service desk, quick modern computers, comfortable consulting rooms and you will have software that is relative to General Practice.

Our staff are happy, well looked after and if you ask them they’ll most likely tell you they are fed a lot of cake!

If you are considering selling your practice or are looking for a practice to work from then reach out and have a chat with us. A chat can’t hurt, right?